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Aug 1 2014
17:00 - 17:30
EITS is making security changes to certain UGA applications when people are accessing those applications from specified networks. After August 1, people connecting to student systems, financial systems, HR/payroll system, Hummingbird/Host Explorer and QMF will need to use the UGA VPN (Virtual Private Network) if connecting via the residential hall, Miller Learning Center (MLC) or PAWS-Secure wireless networks. Please note this change only applies to people using those networks for those applications. Most people on campus use UGA’s standard wired network and will not be affected. This will also not affect students accessing OASIS web.

Impact On End Users
Users on these three networks will need to use the VPN to access mainframe systems

Actions Being Taken
This will be enacted on August 1st at 5:00 pm

Estimated Resolution Time
Aug 2 2014
00:00 - 02:00
EITS Network Engineering will perform maintenance at 00:00 on 08/02/2014 to re-enable the primary Internet firewall to restore Internet resiliency. The primary Internet firewall was disabled on 07/10/2014 (status posting due to a corruption of the firewall memory.

Impact On End Users
Users can expect 3-12 minute of Internet service disruption while routing changes propagate through the Internet. Additionally, session sensitive traffic may need to be reestablished (VPN site-to-site connections, ssh sessions, etc) following the transition. Internal access to external services (including: Internet and email) may be affected. External access to internal services (including: WWW, hosted web services, Archpass, VPN connections, internal Site-to-site VPN tunnels, ugamail, etc.) may be affected. If you experience issues with Internet connectivity following the maintenance window, please contact the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106.

Actions Being Taken
Primary firewall will be returned to service.

Estimated Resolution Time
2014-08-02 02:00
Aug 2 2014
06:30 - 15:30
EITS and FMD are working to carry out a plan to provide emergency power to network and telephony systems at Rivers Crossing during the utility power repair work that will be performed by Ga Power tomorrow morning starting at 7 am (7/26). This work is scheduled to be completed by 15:30 tomorrow afternoon. A part of this effort will be setting up the network switch power supplies to different circuits within the two primary network rooms in the building and installing an additional battery backup unit in one of the locations. This part of the work will be accomplished this evening starting at 5pm (7/25). EITS staff will be onsite to insure that power transfers are successful prior to the utility power outage.

Impact On End Users
No client impact is expected from this work.

Actions Being Taken
Switch power supply adjustment Temporary cooling installation UPS installation

Estimated Resolution Time
22 Hours
Aug 8 2014
22:00 - 07:00
The EITS Systems Engineering team will be patching Red Hat Linux systems, starting Friday 08 August 2014 at 22:00

Impact On End Users
Users will experience outages for the following services during this maintenance: CAS UGA Wireless (Welcome to UGA only) InfoSec websites DNL tools Telephone Services (FPM and Paetec) Wired DHCP for wired connections on Athens main campus and HSC KualiRice Status Listserv EITS wikis Nolij WAG wiki Core Web Hosting Web Standard Hosting Registrar Applications * * The Registrar Applications will have a downtime at 17:00 on 08 August

Actions Being Taken
Red Hat OS and security patches will be applied to the following systems: Registrar Applications CAS UGA Wireless (Welcome to UGA only) InfoSec websites DNL tools Telephone Services (FPM and Paetec) Wired DHCP for wired connections on Athens main campus and HSC KualiRice Status Listserv Portal ( EITS wikis Nolij Mail Gateway WAG wiki Core Web Hosting Web Standard Hosting A reboot of all systems will be needed once patches are applied.

Estimated Resolution Time
9 hours