Incident History

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Jul 29 2014
00:01 - 12:00
EITS is enhancing the University Cablevision system at UGA by finishing the conversion from analog to digital programming on Tuesday, July 29. These enhancements will allow University Cablevision to... [more]
Jun 01 2014
15:51 - Jul 28, 17:30
Using a workaround we were able to sync the RHN Satellite with Redhat so current patches are now available. This is not a permanent fix and we are still working with Redhat to resolve this issue. [more]
Jul 28 2014
03:15 - 05:15
The IDM-prod3 system is now on and operational. Communication between all Identity Management systems are successful without errors. The outage of these systems had no user impact. Systems Engineering will work with the vendors to determine root cause with preventative measures. [more]
Jul 27 2014
00:30 - 04:00
Reload (IPL) of the mainframe for operations development, and to refresh address spaces and memory.

Impact On End Users
All mainframe services such as student, financial and administrative... [more]
Jul 26 2014
08:00 - 17:00
Beginning at 8 am on Saturday, July 26, Dell engineers and UGA engineers will be adding additional SAS controllers and disk shelves to the Banner DR/PROD 2 SAN. This... [more]
Jul 25 2014
17:00 - Jul 26, 15:30
Ga Power has cancelled this utility repair and is attempting to reschedule for August 2nd. An updated timeframe will be posted when available. The work scheduled for this evening at 5:00 to position the equipment for the outage will occur as scheduled. [more]
Jul 26 2014
00:00 - 04:00
Emerson Network Power will perform routine preventative maintenance on the Liebert 500 kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units serving rooms 191 and 199 in the Boyd Data Center. ... [more]
Jul 22 2014
17:00 - 21:00
This maintenance will continue the abandoned network and power cable abatement effort in the BDC, in addition to removing several servers in Rm 199 and installing one replacement server.[more]
17:00 - 21:00
EITS O&I Data Center personnel will be working with FMD Electricians to finalize a number of power circuit installations in the HSC DC facility.

Impact On End Users[more]
16:13 - 18:30
The database load has dropped back down to typical values. Users will now be able to browse the web sites successfully. Systems Engineering will continue to monitor the situation and search the logs to gather information on the root cause. [more]