Incident History

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Apr 25 2014
14:06 - Oct 20, 12:41
The required changes to the mail gateway servers have been completed by the EITS System Administration team. This is expected to resolve the intermittent connectivity issues to the mail gateway experienced by the university community. We are continuing to monitor the system for any remaining issues. [more]
Oct 17 2014
20:00 - Oct 19, 20:00
DataGuard environments restarted and sync'd. Hardware move and server restarts completed. [more]
Oct 18 2014
18:06 - 23:06
Banner/Athena/DegreeWorks development application servers/services (DEVL, TEST, TRNG, CONV) restored. [more]
Oct 17 2014
22:00 - Oct 18, 10:00
Patches have been applied successfully. Please test your applications and report any problems to the help desk. or 706-542-3106 [more]
18:45 - 19:30
To bring MYDC07 into the datacenter network its IP address will be changed tonight at 6:45PM.

Impact On End Users
No impact is expect for users. EITS... [more]
Oct 16 2014
17:00 - 18:00
EITS Network Engineering will be moving HSC-Scott Hall over to the new BlueCat DHCP management system.

Impact On End Users
Users will experience disruptions in telephony services.[more]
17:05 - 17:58
This maintenance has been completed successfully. [more]
Oct 09 2014
11:12 - Oct 16, 15:30
Internet content from the CDN above should now be working normally. The CDN was blocked by Infosec due to suspected malware, the block has been removed. Infosec will continue to investigate this issue. [more]
Oct 10 2014
19:32 - Oct 16, 15:17
Users who have installed Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite need to visit to download the "beta" version of WEPA's Mac Print App. If you have any questions, please do... [more]
Oct 15 2014
22:00 - 22:18
The CAS configuration change has been completed without incident. [more]