Incident History

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Aug 21 2014
22:13 - Aug 22, 05:15
The EITS Production SAN proactively failed a disk this morning at 2:16AM due to multiple medium errors. This failure, combined ongoing SAN maintenance efforts to replace aging disk... [more]
16:44 - still active
A small number of customers have reported issues with printing from UGAMail's web client. Printing emails from UGAMail prints out blank pages when using Mozilla Firefox, version 31. EITS... [more]
Aug 18 2014
11:58 - still active
Resolution of Content Viewer Issues: Due to issues with the Content Viewer this week, eLC has now been reconfigured to allow more direct access to course files, essentially bypassing the... [more]
Aug 20 2014
17:38 - 18:45
Connectivity has been restored to Clarke Howell Hall. Departmental staff were working on deploying a new firewall, an unexpected configuration issue caused the outage. EITS staff will work with the department to resolve the configuration issue and deploy the new firewall. [more]
14:30 - still active
RPC errors are being generated when OU admins and others run RSAT against DCs in

Impact On End Users
OU admins and others might have to launch... [more]
08:55 - still active is operational again on the MyUGA Portal. The vendor resolved an issue that now allows UGA students, faculty and staff to access their accounts. [more]
Aug 19 2014
16:45 - 23:30
Admins are experiencing issues running remote AD tools against MSMYID Domain Controllers.

Impact On End Users
Admins have to attempt repeated connections to get the tools to run.... [more]
10:11 - 13:00
This issue has been resolved. The switch hardware suffered a failure and was replaced. [more]
11:13 - 11:40
Connectivity has been restored to Lumpkin House. The departmental switch in the building had gone into a non responsive state. A reload of the switch resolved the issue. [more]
09:52 - 11:00
Connectivity has been returned to Clark-Howell. The CPU on a connected switch had spiked to 100% and was determined to be the root cause of the outage. EITS staff will work with departmental staff to identify the cause of the CPU spike. [more]