Incident History

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Oct 31 2014
21:00 - Nov 2, 12:00
SciQuest will be upgrading UGAmart to version 14.3

Impact On End Users
UGAmart will be unavailable during the upgrade window

Actions Being Taken
Vendor scheduled maintence
Nov 01 2014
06:00 - 12:00
Oct 31 2014
17:00 - 19:00
The updates have been applied successfully. [more]
10:30 - still active
Issues with ODS Refresh All process persisted after the tablespace was increased to 68GB. ODS Admin Team will run a full reload of the Banner database into ODS starting at... [more]
12:47 - 13:45
paws-secure wireless access is once again functional in the CAGT building. [more]
Oct 30 2014
10:09 - Oct 31, 11:15
Clarity should be functional for all users. A problem has been discovered with one of the two Clarity Application servers and that server has been removed from operations. Troubleshooting will continue, but Clarity should appear to be functioning normally to all users. [more]
Oct 31 2014
11:23 - 12:14
The network is stable at this time. [more]
10:57 - 11:09
Network access has been restored to Clark Howell. [more]
Oct 30 2014
17:00 - 18:30
The issue creating slow uploads in Plant Sciences was identified as a failing optic on the core side. The optic was replaced and normal operations were returned. ... [more]
06:30 - 07:30
EITS Network Engineering will be moving HSC-Brown Hall over to the new BlueCat DHCP management system.

Impact On End Users
Users will experience disruptions in telephony services.[more]