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New Features for Status

25 Jan 2012

Changes have been made to the status page: * open incidents are now sorted to be at the top of the incident list * duplicates on the "all systems" list have been removed * taint checks have been added to several variables * each system now has a help link, making it simple to report a problem to the help desk * the "Report A Problem" button has been replaced with a "Don't See Your System?" link, which lists all systems with help links * the "Don't See Your System?" link is not shown after login, in order to avoid confusion for incident posters * the Status Page is now a system to which we should post informational items when EITS makes changes to it's features and functionality * the "Email & Twitter Alerts" checkbox has been removed * the updates textarea field has been enlarged two-fold * add system-specific help links to the system list * have "report a problem" link to the system list * add information about the current version of the status page in the footer * notify users of the number of systems monitored; or notify them of recent enhancements if the status page code has been tweaked within the past two weeks. * include start and end dates on update emails; change the date format to be the full date for end times * include the systems affected in every email * remove the option to post canned messages and add a template to encourage consistently formed updates * improve the logic for current/ongoing/upcoming/past incident sections of the system details page * include informational items in the "upcoming events" section * remove the generic 'report a problem link' from the header when viewing a system detail * include the incident summary and impact in every update email * rework the incident creation form to require a summary, an impact statement, an estimated resolution time, and "actions being taken"


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