Incident Details

DegreeWorks Maintenance

17 Mar 2012   02:00 - 02:45

The DegreeWorks web application will be migrated to a separate application server to improve performance. No impact to students, advisors or administrators is expected as the maintenance will occur during the normal downtime window.

Impact On End Users
Students, advisors and administrators will not be able to view, edit or report on academic degree requirements or degree completion status between 2:00am – 7:00am on Saturday, March 17th. Maintenance will have an estimated Low impact on users as it is scheduled to occur during the normal DegreeWorks downtime of 2am – 7am.

Actions Being Taken
EITS personnel will update files stored on the production DegreeWorks web servers and application server.

Estimated Resolution Time
7am Saturday, March 17, 2012

17 Mar 2012

The maintenance has been successfully completed.

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