Academic Planning System (APS)
APS documents the planning and evaluation processes at UGA that support continuous improvement
Active Directory
UGA Active Directory
Ad Astra
Room scheduling software
Arch Pass
Two Factor Authentication
Argos Reporting Tool
Reporting tool for Banner student system
Automated Security Self-Evaluation Tools
Banner Student Information System
Banner Student Information System
UGACard System
Remote Assistance Appliance
Boyd Data Center
UGA Computer Storage Facility
Bulldog Bucks
Online account-based debit card program for students, faculty and staff
Central Authentication Service (CAS)
Single Sign-on for UGA Web Services
Documentation and team collaboration site for EITS internal support.
Data Mart
Oracle to DB2 query translation for USG Data Warehouse.
DB that houses USG\'s Data Warehouse schema.
Student Advisement Resource
UGA Campus DHCP system
Digital Media Lab
Digital Media Lab (DML)
DNL/DHCP administration tools
Web tools used by DNLS for network administration
UGA DNS system
E-Check/E-Travel Authority Request System
Electronic entry and approval of check requests
Electronic Ticket System
UGA eDirectory system
EITS Production vCenter
Provides centralized management of the EITS vSphere virtualized environment
EITS Shared SQL Servers
EITS Shared SQL Environment
EITS Websites
EITS departmental web pages.
EITS SQL Environment
eLearning Commons
UGA\'s Learning Management System
Provides the ability to record leave taken & adjustments for Monthly & Academic employees
Element K
Online training repository.
Employee Self-Service Website
Employee access to information and applications related to their employment.
Reporting Repository for Banner Student System
Extended Campus Networking
Networking issues for UGA\\\'s extended campuses
Faculty Information Records System (FIRST)
This web application is used to store and process faculty information
Financial Information Systems (Mainframe)
Applications that support administrative computing requirements for Finance, HR & Payroll
GACRC Datacenter Network
Research Computing Network
GACRC High Performance Storage
Large capacity storage for HPC workflows using fast interconnects to provide superior performance.
GACRC High-Performance Computing Cluster (Sapelo)
Linux High-Performance Computing Resources
GACRC High-Performance Computing Clusters
Linux High-Performance Computing Resources
GACRC Website
The Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center Website
The Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center Wikisite
Application check system for the Graduate School.
Web conferencing
Health Science Campus Network
Health Science Campus Network
Housing RMS
RMS application
Identity Management System (IDM)
MyID creation, password changes, identifier translation, etc.
Institutional File Service
Internet Connectivity
Athens Campus Internet Connectivity
Online testing/quiz tools for the Chemistry and Math departments.
Used in EITS for issue tracking and project management
UGA\'s media storage and streaming solution
MyTime timecard/attendance system
UGA electronic discussion groups
UGA access to an online library of over 1300 courses at
On Premise Exchange Monitoring
Microsoft IT Academy
Online training resources of Microsoft products.
MLC and CTS Computer Labs
MLC and CTS Computer Labs
MyDrive, MyWeb
Personal file and web hosting
EITS\'s internal MySQL servers
MyUGA Portal
MyUGA (UGA Portal)
Nolij Transfer
Nolij/Banner integration system
Nolij Web
Nolij document management system web interface
Operational Data Store (ODS)
Student Systems Reporting Data Repository
PAWS Secure Wireless Network
Secure Wireless access for UGA Campus
PAWS Wireless Network
Campus wireless network
Peabody Data Center
UGA Computer Storage Facility
Telephone Billing and Reporting System
Service request tracking system.
RHN Satellite
Red Hat Network Satellite
Routing Utility for Service and Stewardship (RUSS)
SACS Compliance Website
This site supports the University of Georgia\'s 2010 application for reaffirmation of accreditation
SACS Instructor Rosters
Instructor Roster is built in support of the University’s Compliance Report on Principle 3.7.1
Collaborative online workspace.
Secure Report Storage System
UGA Security Awareness Training Modules
Secure File Storage and Transfer System
Shared Web Application Servers
EITS Shared Web Application System
Online training resources, access to Books 24x7
SMTP Mail Gateway
Outbound mail gateway
Status Page
Status of UGA Systems, particularly those managed by EITS
Audio/video file distribution service
Student Accounts
Student account information and gateway to Touchnet
Student Housing (StarRez) Services
Student Housing (StarRez) Services
Student Information Systems (Mainframe)
Applications that support administrative computing requirements for student areas.
Systems Health Monitor
UGA system monitoring tool
Request tracking system
Assessment, Planning, and Continuous Improvement Tools for IT Organizations in Higher Education
Telephone Services
Telephone system (Athens Campus)
The Dawg House
Online Access to Student Housing Services
Time Servers (NTP)
Campus network clock synchronization
Credit card transaction support for the Student Account System and UGA Marketplace
Trend Antivirus Service
Campus Antivirus Service
Trend Antivirus System
Antivirus Managment System
Trend Micro Office Scan Server
This server supports the Trend Micro Antivirus service
Batch Processing and Scheduling Tool
UGA Alert Registration
UGA Alert registration page for UGA students and employees
UGA Campus Network
UGA Athens Campus Network
UGA Elements
Profile management system for UGA faculty and academic professionals.
UGA Enterprise SSL VPN
Secure off-campus connections to campus network
UGA Instructor of Record Credentialing System (UGA IOR)
UGA IOR credentialing system processes Faculty, GTA/GLA teaching and credential information
UGA Mobile App
UGA iPhone app managed by EITS
UGA Webhosting
Web hosting for UGA affiliates.
UGA Website
Campus web server (
UGAMail (Email and Calendar)
University Cablevision
Athens campus television service
VDI (VMware)
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - VMware View
VDI Connection Server
Vmware View VDI Connection Server
vLab EITS Virtual Lab
WCD Approval System
Approval system for wireless communications devices
WCS Server
Wireless Control System
Web conferencing
WEPA Print Kiosks
Wireless print stations
Wimba Classroom
Tool for live participation in online classes.